Why Americans Follow Celebrity Fashion

When talking with people from other countries, they are confused at the many obsessions that Americans seem to have.  One of the topics that brings the most puzzlement is why Americans are fascinated and follow the fashions of the well-known celebrities.


An explanation for the obsession may come from the fact that unlike other countries, America does not have a history that involves either royalty or people that have been embedded in the world of fashion for centuries.  The women (and men) of the United States have historically had a fashion sense that was designed more for being purposeful and in the early years, only the rich could afford the luxury of fashion choices.


As the world moved closer to becoming a global community, wars and conflicts brought an interchange of fashion styles, lengths, fabrics and designs. The Western cultures began an interchange of what they wore, but, in Europe, the aristocracy was still the mainstay of their designs and styles.


It can be said that America plunged forward as a fashion setting country in the 1920’s. The flamboyant clothes of the era of the ‘flapper’ caught on in a world-wide fire and was escalated with the advent of the moving pictures. From that point on, America started setting the trends, and the celebrities of the movies continued to be at the forefront of whatever was being ‘worn’.


Today, the fashion-forward groups deliberately seek out what celebrities are wearing and make every attempt to emulate what might be considered different. In an effort to be unique, they follow the photographers, avidly seek out the internet and find the fabulous top, pants or evening dress that was worn by their favorite celebrity. It is a dichotomy of following a trend while attempting to make a statement of identity.  Once a style catches on as a fashion, the celebrity may move on to the next ‘look’, but the followers will be seen wearing whatever it was, at least for the next few months. In some cases, this actually cascades into a global style and each country may add their own twist.