Going Retro Means Different Things to Different People

Vintage is all of the crazy and depending upon your favorite time period in history, you can choose to ‘go retro’ and still be in fashion. The beauty of vintage is that it allows you to create your own unique identity while making use of some of the most brilliant trends of the past.


If your favorite time of the past is the 1920’s you can wear some of the most beautiful designs. This was a period of time that launched the ‘Art Deco’ style and it was displayed in everything from the architecture to fashion. The 20’s brought in a time of fun and frolic for women’s wear, with the flappers and jazz music.


The 1940’s became the era of Hollywood. The movie star look in classic gowns and elegant jewelry was combined with the war time need to conserve for the average American. Curled and coiled hairdos could be seen side by side with sassy sirens as bleach blondes.


The 1950’s escalated the sensual as the movie stars began to show a post war time with a sense of freedom. Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield and the like influenced fashion and trends for a nation that wanted to put the war behind them.


The 1960’s started with a conservative and straight-laced attitude and then exploded into the Hippy movement near the end. From a pop culture aspect, everything took on a psychedelic vision with bright pop colors and mini-skirts. From the Hippy movement we received the free flowing skirts and jewelry made of natural materials, headbands, armbands and a mixture of East Indian influence.


The 1970’s continued the fashion movement that was a blend of the Hippy movement and then the time of Disco. The more tailored style of clothing came into play for the men and women began to adopt dresses that would easily flow while dancing.


The 1980’s is, above all, the era of big hair and shoulder pads. The era of the professional business woman brought about the suits and outfits that would portray a woman that saw no glass ceiling and was reaching beyond.